} Ranveer Singh's Music Label INCINK Records Gives Love A New Voice

Actor Ranveer Singh and filmmaker Navzar Eranee’s music label, IncInk Records, released its first romantic song MOHABBAT, written and performed by Kaam Bhaari. A beautiful song that speaks of love to the person we love in which Kaam Bhaari captures the very ecstasy of the highs and lows of the experience. 

Known for his lyrical dexterity and his lightning speed rapping pace, Kaam Bhaari performs this song with complete abandon, in a truly raw and heartfelt manner. When talking about the song he wrote three years ago when he was only 17 years old Kaam Bhaari says, “Jo bhi main aise bol nahi paata, toh maine gaane ke zariye mere dil ki baat boli. Abhi bhi bol nahi sakta ki gaana kyon likha? Bas, mann aaya toh likh diya.” 

The music video directed by Navzar Eranee and shot by S. Ravi Varman, shows Kaam Bhaari within himself in isolation, pouring his heart out on paper as the essence of a lover’s presence lingers on. Kaam Bhaari goes about his day experiencing the usual senses - sound, smell, taste, touch, sight; and the sixth sense he’s grown so accustomed to. Her. The music produced by RÄ?KHIS and NUKA lends perfectly to Kaam Bhaari’s delivery and makes the song worth listening to a thousand times.

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