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An emcee sets the tone of an event, acts as a connecting point between audience and brand, determines the energy flow, and ensures the program is on schedule without any glitches. To simplify it all, an emcee is that grease that lubricates the flow of the evening. However, what piqued our curiosity is, in spite of being the life and soul of a gathering, an MC is still not the star of the show, but someone, who makes the star look good! And that’s probably the mark of a good compere/host, one such Emcee is Sachin Kumbhar. His impeccable command over spoken words, classic baritone voice, not to mention the effortless charm he exudes has compere written all over him. ACTFAQs connect with India’s noted master of ceremonies Sachin Kumbhar and knows from him, what it takes to make the cut, moulding your act to suit audiences of different sensibilities, snags in Indian live entertainment scene and more. Excerpt from same.


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From being a sought-after anchor, voice-over artist, to a radio broadcaster, you have redefined the term ‘Package Entertainer’, what other facet of entertainment are you planning to explore next?

Besides all of this, I train some of the potential Miss India contestant on voice projection and stage presentation, looking to be a personality developer in the corporate area, as well. I’m looking at anchoring reality shows and also shake a leg and be a participant in a dance reality show. Movies are something, if they come my way, I will obviously explore that genre. It’s always good to explore opportunities.

Of all the roles played by you, so far, which is the toughest and why?

The toughest is being live on camera. You have a couple of people speaking to you constantly through in-ears from the control, the director, the producer, and a third person. The art is to just pick what is told to you and filter everything else that you don’t need, at the same time listen to the guest that you’re interviewing. So, it’s quite a multitasking, when it comes to focusing your attention.


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How difficult is it to make a career as an Emcee in Indian live entertainment scene? What kind of hurdle did you face and how did you overcome it?

Every field is difficult to enter as a newbie, but I feel it’s not that difficult, if you have the spunk in you. If you love what you’re doing, you can definitely make your way. I didn’t have any background in this field, when I moved to India in 2011. But I had a gut feeling, because my passion pushed me to move here. That gut feeling got me here and got me rolling. Year after year, it just kept getting better. About the hurdles, initially, when I came I was a little impatient, so I found it tough, but patience got the best results. At one point, I did wish I was a girl, I was told that for live entertainment male anchors don’t have any scope, and that there is a lot of requirement for female anchors. So, that was the initial phase. But I think times have changed, there is now an equal balance.

As an Anchor/MC you have catered to audiences from diverse background, what does it take to engage and relate to audiences of different sensibilities?

As an anchor, we need to have different personalities, as per the requirement of the event. There are some events, which need absolute seriousness, whereas some need complete madness, so you need to be able to switch roles and deliver. And the most important thing is one should be able to connect with the audience by being themselves, being conversationalist and approachable


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An anchor can be often expected to step up his/her act and “save the show” when faced with unforeseen difficulties. Have you ever been in such a situation, and if so, how did you wade through it going beyond the assigned script?

Anchors need to be disaster managers as well. Be ready, proactive and prompt if there are any delay/glitches. Event agencies put in a lot of hard work for months together for that one day, so when on stage it’s the anchor’s responsibility to execute it, put it all together and culminate it with ease. Every second matters on stage. Anchor makes a mistake, and the entire event including the team’s effort goes for a toss. It’s imperative for an anchor to be on his toes throughout the show, and be fully focused on the script and the flow of the event.

In the intensely competitive entertainment space, how do you maintain your equilibrium?

Self-belief. I don’t look at it as a competition. It is the self-belief that helps me keep the balance. Yes, there are ups and downs. There are times when one feels down and out. And it’s human, not just in this field, but any field. Self-belief and optimism is what got me through.


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Any word of advice you would like to give budding artists looking to carve their niche in the entertainment space?

Follow your passion, be yourself. If you have it in you, nobody can stop you. Never try to be bigger than your boots. Always remember that you’re one normal soul who’s following your passion, trying to make a career out of your talent. Stay grounded, it will take you places.

What is next for ‘Sachin Kumbhar’?

I would want to be a guide/mentor. Voicing is another facet of mine. I’m eventually looking at establishing my own setup, wherein I help people improve their overall personality. I myself have been through stage fear and I know what it’s like, so, I want to share and help the ones who want to overcome their fear.


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On a closing note is there anything else you want to add?

All I would like to say is, I’m quite grateful for what I have achieved and will continue working towards my goals. Looking forward to exploring new challenges. My only advice is always be passionate towards your goals and stay humble.


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