} A Ghazal And Sufi Singer With A Commanding Foothold - Pooja Gaitonde

Groomed in traditional knowledge of Raagdari, Pooja Gaitonde’s Ghazal & Sufi compositions leave an incredible impression on her audience. Hailing from Mumbai, she learned the art from Late Pandit S.C.R. Bhat, one of the great classical vocal virtuoso of Agra Gharana and also from his disciples Shri. Raja Upasani and Smt. Suniti Gangoli. 

Everytime she performs, she leaves a lasting impact on the audience with the rendition of Sufi songs that brings a feeling of divinity. She is also mastering in Harmonium playing from Pandit Tulsidas Borkar. She has been trained by Ustad Ibrahim Durvesh for her Urdu pronunciation which appeals to literate audience. With a blessed voice and gifted ability, Pooja comfortably draws attention well of dedication & passion.

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