} A Musician Who Knows How To Amp It Up With Style - Jivraj Singh

Jivraj Singh is one eclectic artiste who designs, produces and tours the world as a beat-poet. His collaborations with musicians like Nischay Parekh, Dualist Inquiry, Amyt Datta, PinkNoise, from all across is of legendary stuff and he is the go to guy for everything that is offbeat and out of the box.

Even bands like State of Bengal, Gandu Circus, Shaair + Func swear by Jivraj’s skills and his ability to mix everything and make it sound musical. Jivraj is one hell of a percussionist and he can fly sounds out of objects, softwares and electro-machines affirming his talent for the unspeakable. The Red bull tour bus and Blue Frog have all been honoured by Jivraj’s distinctive mark of music.

He is someone who loves to push the boundaries and make the music edgier and much deeper. His roots assist him here considering he has north Indian father and south Indian mother making him finely attuned to musical sensibilities given his self-taught upbringing.

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