} An Acapella Team That Uses It's Vocal Chords As Instruments - No Treble

Impeccably weaving together a rich unique sound experience from an enormous collection of Indian and Western music, No Treble Acapella group is definitely one to watch. Based in Bangalore, the group was started in 2016 and was the brainchild of Joewin Shamalina. This group uses their vocal cords as instruments and does its own rendition of songs in about 6 different Indian Languages. They are mostly into English and Bollywood music but also like to take up regional tunes. 

Their gigs have been well received by the audience, but they haven't been very active online. The group also performed in the reality TV show 'India Banega Manch' on Colors TV and they have also appeared on TEDx. No Treble has potential and we hope they find their moment of triumph soon. 

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