} Avial: The Malayalam Rockstars

Avial Rock Band has been in the rock music scenario since 2003. Hailing from Kerala, Avail presents a fusion of native folk music with a rock twist. They have been ruling the rock music world ever since with a genre all their own- Alternative Malayalam Rock.

The band name is inspired from a known local dish ’Avial’ which is made out of several vegetables. Tony John, the main vocalist of the band is blessed with an aggressive vocal sound. Tony had replaced the band’s former vocalist Anandraj Benjamin Paul. Rex Vijayan is the lead guitarist of the band while Binny Isaac takes on the bass guitars. The 4th member Mithun Puthanveetil dominates the drums for Avial.

Avial has performed in countries like Dubai, Mauritius, Reunion Island etc. giving the language barrier a run for their money. They have created a huge fan following on the global arena and were well appreciated for the brand of music that they bring forth. Looking at the success rate of Avial, they definitely inspire the regional rock bands to come forth and create music.

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