} Blindfolded Musicians Enthralls Mumbaikars With Their Orchestra

Blind Orchestra, a music improvisational project conceptualized by Israeli drummer, producer and artist: Dov Balu is an international musical improvisation. The band stands out for its unique concept: The musicians play and sing blindfolded while one of them acts as a conductor - Jam master, if you will.? This phenomenon was a part of Veranda's Late Night Jazz, where over 150 musicians from all over the world, came to Mumbai for the first time! It was all about improvising in a new and unique concept. The musicians were blindfolded and one of them acted as a conductor. With a touch of a wand, the conductor signaled the musicians when to play and when to stop, setting them into a journey to an unknown musical destination. Speaking about the band Rosen said, ?I was always a jam freak, improvising with everyone everywhere, enjoying the magic that arrives from the moment. As the musicians play blindfolded, they don't know how they will play and the conductor doesn't know what they will play. The instruments keep varying from concert to concert and in each country we add local instruments too.? This simple, yet effective concept, enhanced auditory-awareness, order and respect among the Mumbaikars. The music got more focused and musicians got the right settings to express their musicality while maintaining awareness of the musical context.

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