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} Bollywood Actress Parineeti Chopra to endorse Avon True Makeup range

Global beauty firm Avon has signed actress Parineeti Chopra as the new face for its color make-up category AVON True. The brand believes in staying true to the aesthetics of makeup, by being natural, chic and minimalistic with their tag line “Feel Your Best You.” Parineeti and the brand share same ideology about women’s beauty which makes her a perfect fit for the brand. 

Swati Jain, Marketing Director, AVON India, said “Democratizing beauty and freedom of expression are at the heart of Avon. We believe in beauty for all- anyone, anywhere should be able to feel confident and express themselves. Parineeti has always chosen strong, off-beat film roles, and has a unique personal style sense. She has always been vocal about social issues and she resonates with our brand philosophy and attitude towards beauty. We are happy to have her as the brand ambassador of AVON True.” 

Parineeti also added, “There are too many rules defining beauty by the society. Avon defines the norms of society and urges everybody to feel their best and helps you to feel great about yourself. It is an honour to collaborate with a brand that has respected women for so many years. I love embracing my individual beauty and encourage all girls to do the same. I love being creative with different looks based on my mood, so being able to also express myself freely with Avon True will be fun.” 

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