} Carving magic in the sand: Nitish Bharti

Nitish Bharti is India's dynamic entertainer, a motivational performer and a best practitioner of "sand-story", entertaining audiences of all ages with his stunning sand art performance. He has carved a niche in the industry with his amazing talent. He has impressed many people by his art work. He is appreciated by many big names like Yuvraj Singh, Farah Khan Kunder, Ratan Tata and other celebrities. He has also been a part of India’s Got Talent, where he stunned Karan Johar with his amazing performance. 

Nitish is a master at using his sand artistry to communicate religious, civic, cultural, and corporate messages. He entertains, performs his sand-story, art-story, and word-story presentations in both English and Hindi. In his every performance, he entertains his audience both with the innovative medium and his fast-paced creations.

According to Nitish, "At its core, art is all about communicating something in innovative and compelling ways. The artist uses his artistic vision and unique medium to convey his message to his audience." He believes that art reaches on an emotional level and conveys a better message to people than any other medium. 

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