} Even After 50 Years, Brand Amitabh Bachchan Continues To Be The Shahenshah Of Endorsements!

Age is no bar when it comes to excellence & success and no one better than Amitabh Bachchan as a Brand personifies this! His 50-year-long stint in the film industry has manifested him as the most ‘trustworthy Brand’ among the millennials.

Reinventing himself over the decades, Amitabh Bachchan has built an appeal not only among the old but younger generation too. He is still one of the top choices for many corporate brands when it comes to endorsements and for government initiatives that are looking to push social messages amongst the public. On the endorsement front, currently Bachchan has more than 10 brands in his kitty — ranging from Inner Wear (Lux Venus), Mobile Phones (One Plus), Jewellery (Kalyan Jewellers), Air Conditioners (Lloyd), To E-Commerce Sites (Just Dial), to name a few. Bachchan is also the Brand Ambassador for GST.

Maturity, Trustworthiness, Mass Appeal, Statesmanship, are just some of the qualities that makes him a favorite among the Brand world. His Iconic Status grabs eyeballs and his larger than life presence adds credibility to the Brands, which no other cricket or Bollywood celebrity can match!

Experts say taking Bachchan as a Brand Ambassador is risk-free as he has gone way beyond the success or failure of his present films which helps to bring credibility to the brand. He also continues to be the constant force behind this phenomenon. His ability to empathies with people from various backgrounds, his command over languages, and his ability to entertain and inspire the entire country makes up for Brand magic. 

Despite the rise of millennial endorsers, people have faith in him, brands have faith in him and this makes the actor timeless in the advertising world.

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