} Exclusive: In Conversation With Eloquent Singer, Anirudh Bhola

Anirudh Bhola has been making waves across the country with his soulful singing. He is not only a trained playback singer but is also a YouTube sensation with his channel consisting of covers, mash-ups and originals. He is known for his hit scores like Sanam Re, Nasha, Amit Sahni Ki List, Kites & Krrish 3.

Taking time off from a packed schedule to speak to actfaqs.com, Anirudh looks back at his inspirations, associations, early beginnings, the art of signing, his Youtube journey and more.

Q. How did you get into music and for how long have you been singing for?
I used to sing along with the advertisements on television when I was very small. As I grew up, my love for music developed even more and I started learning singing when I was in 5th standard.

Q. You have lent your voice in mainstream Bollywood and have a successful YouTube channel, was this your ultimate goal? 
Ever since I had the realization that I wanted to achieve something in music, I had always wanted to sing for Bollywood movies. When that happened, it was the biggest achievement of my life. Then Youtube happened gradually over the time as I started putting out more and more covers and mashups. I think the ultimate goal of every person changes over the time as they achieve more and more in life.

Q. Now you're a recognized artist outside of your hometown, do your neighbors look at you differently? 
My neighbors were very supportive towards my talent since I was a child. I used to sing at family functions so it’s more like one family than just neighbors. And I am very approachable in that term, so they are very frank about everything. They always share what they feel about my music and appreciate whatever tracks they love.

Q. What are your plans and hopes for the future with regard to your music?
My future plans are to take out my original content and sing more Bollywood songs. Trying out my voice in different music genres is a new obsession right now in this phase of my life.

Q. You’ve worked with BOI EXP before, would you like to share your experience about working with us?
Working with BOI EXP is always a special experience. Their workflow is very smooth and efficient.

Q. Tell us something about your upcoming projects.
There are some original urban Punjabi tracks that I am working on currently and you would be hearing them very soon.

Q. Any word of advice you would like to give to the fresh new talents looking to break into the world of singing. 
The one advice that I would like to give the upcoming musician and singers is that always listen to your heart and never run away from hard work. It will surely pay you off in the long run.

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