} EXCLUSIVE: In Conversation With The Quintessential Diva Of Showbiz - Gunjan Saini

Gunjan Saini doesn’t need any introduction. Right from winning the title of Miss India Supranational 2012 to hosting Pro Kabaddi League and various shows on channel Zoom, she has created a niche for herself. Her quirky screen presence and anchoring skills have made her one of the best anchors in the industry. 

Having said all that what describes Gunjan the best, we interacted with her to find out more about her fascinating journey and know more about this stunner!

Q. From being an Anchor, a Beauty Pageant title holder and a RJ, you’ve done it all. Tell us a little about your journey.
Well, that’s very kind of you to say. Thank you. I’d say it was all a series of amazing serendipitous accidents. In my second year at college (at the age of 18) I started working for a PR firm in Delhi. I was suddenly exposed to this really cool, fancy world of fashion, food, luxury and brand management. At the time I was also training to be a dancer, and I had randomly put winning the Miss Indian Titleon my vision board that year. By the end of that year I actually found myself representing India at the World Finale of Miss Supranational 2012 in Poland! 
It was an extraordinary experience and exposed me to a new way of looking at things and life. Earning that Miss India title was a result of the grueling workouts, the preparation, but also owning every quality, every flaw and wearing it like a badge.
Soon after returning from the pageant, I was asked to head Corporate Communication for a Sports company in Mumbai and so I relocated to the city of dreams. My corporate work taught me a lot about what goes behind building the brand. I was working with some of the best people from Business and Sports field. This is where I realized how important it is to inculcate sports education in our education system. We championed the cause and I was personally working and traveling across the length and the breadth of the country with legends like PT Usha and Paul Masefield (Former Footballer and Tv Pundit).
Once I knew I wanted to be back on stage again, I got to host Pro kabbadi at Star Sports, which was live telecasted. It was nerve wrecking to be hosting such a huge game format in front of millions of live audience across continents. But the minute cameras started rolling; I knew I had found my gift. I loved the high of constantly traveling, making our own content, customizing it for every state we were shooting it from and finally getting a chance to live the chaos and beauty of the final day event.
Having tasted the magic of one medium I was itching to do more. And that’s when I got to host a Radio show with Ishq 104.8. Getting access to someone’s “me-time” every midnight allowed to talk about life, and lot of its uncomfortable truths, heartbreaks and celebrations. The weekend special- ISHQ TOP 20- had me talking to the trending music artists every week.
Soon after, I found myself hosting multiple shows for ZOOM TV- Myntra Insider- a show where I had to give makeovers to regular shoppers, Be Your Star- a guide to Bollywood celeb’s style, ZOOM Weekend Show – where every week I interviewed the biggest superstars and spoke about their upcoming movies, the masti and all the juicy behind the scenes gossip. And most importantly Planet Bollywood- a show that also was the front runner for the Me Too Campaign. It was our interview with Tanushree Dutta that went viral overnight and hence started a movement that was both heart-wrenching (as other abuse stories started pouring in) and fulfilling (the impact).
Today I have hosted multiple formats for ZOOM TV and continue to do so. 

Q. You’ve hosted multiple events and award shows, how has the collaborations worked for you? 
I think I have been very fortunate to work with people who like the energy that I bring and hence collaborations have happened very organically. People have recommended me and that word of mouth has travelled far and wide. 
I still remember Facebook India had approached me for my first ever hosting gig for Hardwell Concert in India. 
And that first event went so well, that not only have they called me to host multiple events, red carpets, screenings, music festivals like- VH1 Supersonic for them but years later when Instagram came to India to host their first event-  they highly recommended me. 

Q. An anchor can be often expected to step up their act and “Save The Show” when faced with unforeseen difficulties. Have you ever been in such a situation, and if so, how did you wade through it going beyond the assigned script?
That happens more often than you would think. Once post the event, everyone came together on the dance floor to have a good time. And suddenly there was a power issue. I had to quickly ask everyone to take out their cell phones with their flash light on and sing along. I am not much of a crooner so I am glad everyone joined quickly enough before it could have been a disaster. 

Q. What are the other activities that you are involved in apart from being in this profession? 
I have a Youtube channel- Goofwoman. I also act. I was traveling a lot last year with our play- Sundays with Chitra and Chaitali. I am constantly multitasking; I think I enjoy the extremes. I am a meditator, yoga proponent and a practicing Pranic Healer. I volunteer my time in healing camps and hope to be a channel of love and kindness for as many people as possible. 

Q. How difficult is it to make a career as an Anchor in Indian live entertainment scene? What kind of a barrier did you face and how did you overcome it?
I believe that enthusiasm is the language of love and I really love and enjoy every aspect of my work. 
And I feel nothing is a barrier if you truly love and enjoy what you do. Keep finding who you are, work on the skills and there is nothing that can stop you from doing what you set your heart to.

Q. Any word of advice you would like to give budding artists who are looking to carve their niche in the anchoring space?
I would say, take a stock of “YOU”.  Your talents and especially your challenges, and then create a plan custom fit for you. For example, I am not the overtly friendly in a work environment. I love being extremely professional, I like to do my job and get out. I believe if someone likes your work, they should call you for that and not because you hang together or are BFFs and to let your work do the talking, takes some patience. Be patient, be ready to do hustle, and things will come to you.

Q. What is next for “Gunjan Saini”?
A lot of interesting things are shaping up this year. I am looking at multiple mediums – my Youtube Channel, Tv and even podcasts where you will see content on travel, food, different healing modalities, career choices, relationships, lifestyle. So there is a lot to do. This year is all about bringing dreams to fruition, interesting events to host and exciting new collaborations!

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