} Exclusive: Kings United added yet another feather to their cap

While dance as an art form and even a career existed since the ancient times, it wasn't quite acknowledged as a mainstream 'decent' career until very recently. Well, Kings United has cleared the air. Working their way up from the streets of Mumbai, the Hip-Hop dance crew is the first Indian team to win NBC’s World of Dance Competition. Their life journey was noticed & later adapted into the movie ABCD 2

ACTFAQS caught up with the group for a quick chat about their inspiring journey, future plans and how “World of Dance” turned their lives upside down. 

Q. Your journey from Nalasopara to LA has been very impressive. Tell us something about it.         
It has been one hell of a ride. The pain, struggle, hardships and many ups and downs. We have seen it all. Slowly and steadily, step by step we started our journey from winning Boogie Woogie in 2008 then being crowned as the winners of India’s Got Talent in 2011 and then participating in the World Hip Hop Dance Championship in 2012 where in our first attempt only we were in the finals and then Remo sir made a movie ABCD2 which was inspired by our journey. After watching the movie, we were so inspired by our own journey that we wanted to complete our story which still needed a perfect ending. So, we participated again in the World Hip Hop Dance Championship in 2015 and grabbed the First Bronze Medal for our country among 50 countries. But still being the no.1 in the world was something we really wanted and finally in 2018 we got the chance to compete in the Biggest Dance Competition in the World of Dance and rest is history! 

Q. ABCD2 was based on your life so what’s your biggest accomplishment? The championship or the movie?
We cannot chose any one because both our accomplishments have impacted our lives in different ways. ABCD 2 gave the exposure and recognition in our country and World of Dance has given us the same internationally. So yes, they both are our biggest accomplishment. 

Q. What’s that one thing about Kings United that fans don’t know?
We never brainstorm or research on our choreographies or tricks. It happens in a flow while we are having fun and playing around during our rehearsals.  

Q. Now that you’ve achieved the World Championship, how are you planning to celebrate the big win?  
We want to celebrate this win by gifting our parents a home. That’s how we really want to celebrate our win! 

Q. Would you like to give a message to the budding dancers who are still learning?
To all the budding dancers we just want to say that just keep working hard, nothing would come easy in your life, stay focused and you will get all the things you deserve. Patience is the Key to success. 

Q. You’ve worked with BOI EXP before, would you like to share your experience about working with us?
It was a great experience working with BOI EXP and would love to keep working with them! 

Q. Can you tell us about your upcoming shows and what are your plans for future?
We have many things happening. We are going on a World Tour and a lineup of Dance workshop tours in the USA, Australia and many other countries. So yes, a lot of opportunities are on our way!

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