} Exclusive: Rediscovering magical-comedy with Karan Chauhan

If you need an introduction to Karan Chauhan, we request you to come out from your hiding place under the rock or check your internet connection because Karan is no ordinary guy. He is an expert illusionist with a great skill for comedy. His Comedy-Illusion based shows are a breath of fresh air in terms of concept and execution.

Armed with a great sense of humour and an interactive style of performance, Karan loves to entertain his audience. As he continues to thrive, we caught up with him to find out about his amazing journey and his upcoming projects. 

Q: You are India’s first and only Comedian-Illusionist. How do you feel about it?
It feels great because it is something unique. Usually when people see an illusionist, they are always trying to crack the secret to the magic. My on-stage character and performance style helps my audience to enjoy the show rather than just trying to figure out the tricks. Being a comedian Illusionist helps me to deliver a better experience for my people.

Q: What’s the funniest and most spontaneous joke that you have cracked that has had your audience in splits? Any fond memory?
This happened in a show in Chennai. I was doing an Auditorium show for 1100 people. My show being all about audience participation, I called a man to volunteer for one of my pieces. I asked him his name and he said, “MY NAME IS VIKAS”. In the spur of the moment I said, “ARE VIKAS, TUM IDHAR HO... MODIJI AUR JANTA TUMHE 5 SAAL SE DHUNDH RAHI HAI.... WHAT VIKAS YAAR.... NAUGHTY.”  This took the audience by storm and became the most memorable moment for me as well as the audience.

Q: Your line of work requires you to be friends with a lot of your competitors as well. What is that like?
I have always believed we all are friends first, then competitors. Healthy competition is there which is essential for progress. But there is no such rivalry, at least from my end. We all are working to build the magic scene in India. So, I am always happy when a fellow performer achieves something and so are, they when I do. We all share our ideas and achievements with each other and try to build the scene so BOI keeps booking me knowing that Magic is becoming the “in” thing.

Q: You have worked with BOI EXP before, would you like to share your experience working with us?
My experience with BOI EXP has been amazing. The word “Perfection” doesn’t even begin to describe the work ethic of the team. Everyone makes you feel at ease and they have always made sure everything is taken care of so my focus stays on the performance. A big part of the credit for my consistency during their events goes to their team itself. Professional, friendly and the payment is always on time. Being a Gujarati that makes me very happy.
Q: Tell us something about your upcoming projects.
Recently performed at Antilla for the Ambanis. So, we are expecting further bookings. Thus, work on new material has started as I love to add new effects to my show. Apart from that travelling for a corporate event to Udaipur and Macau. Booked by the same company for the 3rd time. Creating a customized piece for a performance at an event for a playing cards manufacturing company. I am also planning to put up a one-hour trial show of a mix of the old and new material. 

Q: Do you have any words of wisdom to share with people who want to get into stand-up comedy? 
One word of wisdom ... “DON’T”.  I am kidding. On a serious note, comedy is a serious business. Respect the art, respect the stage and respect your audience. Listen to your Audience, they will give you words of advice that will make your performance better. The audience is the truest entity in the world, and nothing comes before or above the audience. Any art form, be it comedy or magic, is going to test your patience and your efforts. Initially you might feel that you are not good enough. But be patient with yourself and keep putting efforts. I was wasn’t born funny, I became funny through constant practice. Yes, comedy also requires practice, more than you think. 

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