} Exploring the GearHouse world Through Warren D'souza, Founder & Conceptualiser, GearHouse Sessions

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A Sound.com property, GearHouse sessions is a not just a platform but an environment where Musicians get the best of everything to nurture their talents and deliver the finest product. ACTFAQs got an opportunity to know more about GearHouse world through the man behind it, Warren D’souza, Founder & Conceptualiser, GearHouse Sessions and Managing Director of Sound.Com.

What was the idea behind starting up GearHouse Sessions?

The GearHouse Sessions is the only music production platform for artists to record and produce their work in an environment that is conducive to provide the ultimate technical production for your talent.

As a sound rental company with abundant resources, it was time that Sound.Com put their best gear to good use. And that’s how GearHouse was born - with a three pronged aim to reach out to the musicians and bond closely with them, give their fans and the audience the best sound and music that they will cherish, and build a platform that will take live sound to the next best level.

To cut a long story short, Gearhouse is the only platform to perform and record in a musical environment that can provide you all the musical instruments, sound recording, mixing & mastering equipment under one roof for artists and musicians who choose our offerings in order to feel an incredible musical experience with great sound and audio quality.

How does GearHouse Sessions connect with the Artistes/Bands?

At the heart of the GearHouse is allowing the artist the liberty to use any gear or instrument that he wants; there is no compromise on that front. Since this production belongs to Sound.Com, and is shot in our very own warehouse, there is scope to change anything at all for the artist and give a power-packed performance.

The artists can rehearse for as long as they want and shoot when they are ready as against television products which are running against the studio time. At the same time, there is no interference into the creative space of the artist - we won’t ask you what you will be playing and the onus is on you to perform a great track.

Further, we have various verticals or sub-divisions under GearHouse for artists of different calibers, genres and styles - GearHouse Live, GearHouse Rehearsals, GearHouse Sessions, GearHouse Masters, GearHouse Rookies, etc.

What promotion strategy does GearHouse Sessions implement to promote Artistes/Band?

We release a video each Friday on the GearHouse YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/gearhousesessions). When the video is being put out, we work together with the artist to ensure that promotions take place in an aggressive and full-fledged manner. We have our Twitter and Facebook where pre-release and post-release activities take place and during the release too, there is a lot of action going on. We have e-mailers and PR activity taking place as well. Hence, GearHouse does not just offer the artist a platform but it gives them a promotional push as well. It is a packaged offering.

What makes GearHouse Sessions different from its competitors?

Sound.Com has been a sound rental company for 16 years and nobody knows how important audio production is better than us - we have been in the business for long enough to know how it is best done. At the same time, we are also offering excellent visual content and that leads to our offering being of top quality in all aspects. The artists are mentored, they are given a great platform to play, we market them and we give them excellent treatment. The audience, the artists are both happy.

What is the concept of GearHouse Live? Who can be a part GearHouse Live?

While the underlying thought behind GearHouse is to produce music with the best sound and showcasing the art of performance, GearHouse Live goes a step ahead with the philosophy, extending it to shooting artists performing onstage, in a concert. For now, we have shot a series at the Harman Live Arena at the PALM Expo which is being released. The plan is to do concerts and have stages at festivals where we will be curating artists. We pick artists on our own after seeing videos and clippings of their live performances.

Having a parenting company, Sound.com from the same niche; how is it helpful? Comment.

Sound.Com is the reason that GearHouse has been established. At SOUND.COM, we have all the resources to do GearHouse - we have top-class backline, gear, manpower and a spacious warehouse that all doubles up as the team for GearHouse.

GearHouse Sessions have an array of Artistes, each with different talents. Do you also curate for Concerts, Gigs, etc.

That is the plan in the near future. We will be doing concerts in different cities as well.

Does GearHouse Sessions/Live associate with any Corporate houses or brands?

We associated with Harman for the Harman Live Arena at PALM Expo for GearHouse Live. The first GearHouse Lesson with Nick Aslin was done with Gibson.

Sound.com also has a rehearsing place called GearHouse. Tell us about its facilities and its salient features.

The rehearsal facility is not a different space. All activities with regard to GearHouse Sessions and GearHouse Rehearsals have taken place at the Sound.Com warehouse in Andheri East which is a huge space with all necessary facilities - the gear, the backline, music instruments, hospitality, technical facilities that the artists need to perform. GearHouse Rehearsals, thus, allows artists to come to the GearHouse, i.e., the Sound.Com warehouse, located in Andheri East and make the most of the equipment and infrastructure which is totally at their disposal. We have had a lot of Bollywood musicians including Pritam, Ankit Tiwari, Salim-Sulaiman and Shaan come and rehearse here.

What are your future plans with regards to GearHouse Sessions?

We hope for associations with more brands and artists for all our verticals. Right now, we are looking at shooting the first episode of GearHouse Rookies. As mentioned earlier, there will be a release on the YouTube channel every Friday offering audiences a taste of the best quality music which they do not get to hear.

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