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} Fitness Fanatic Shilpa Shetty unveils her own Fitness App

The poster girl for fitness, Actor Shilpa Shetty has just launched a wellness app, calling it “The Shilpa Shetty App”. Her app showcases yoga routines, functional training, special regimes specially for pregnant women and women with menstrual problem, and daily nutrition charts for each program. Shilpa has always been a fitness freak. The motive behind launching the app is to educate people about the need of being fit for a healthy lifestyle. Earlier, she had launched a book “The Great Indian Diet”. It was about food and health.

On the occasion, Shilpa commented, "I realized a lot of people need help and direction and information and ask me how I do it, hence I decided to put all this into my app with my experience and the help of the best experts in the business to help you work out in the comfort of your home with no equipment or expensive gym memberships from beginner to advanced athlete we have plans specifically made for all levels." 

The Shilpa Shetty app is available on IOS and Android phones. This app gives you a whole new experience of User Interface. You can watch fitness videos without having mobile data or Wi-fi in your devices. 

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