} Former Foreign Beggars Frontman Unveils New Solo Project - PAv4N

One of the most prolific hip-hop outfits in the last two decades, Foreign Beggars called an end to their run with a final album MATRIARCHY released at the end of 2019 but one of group’s co-founders has unveiled a new creative direction and solo project as PAV4N (to be read as Pavan). Having built a body of work that includes collaborations with the who’s who of the international music industry, hits in the UK Top 10 and appearances at every major festival around the world, PAV4N’s credentials as a rapper are well established. 

PAV4N brings all that experience and charisma together in a markedly different and creatively gratifying avatar that ties his cultural roots with his love for hip-hop. PAV4N has also moved base to India, and now calls Goa home. Envisioned as a living art piece, PAV4N is rooted in Indian mythology. Inspired by the aesthetics of blue-skinned Hindu deities – like Krishna, Kali and Shiva – PAV4N also seeks to employ the wider themes and concepts that surround these legends in the stories he tells through his music and visuals.

PAV4N is an attempt to subvert mindsets and affect change through music that is conscious, compelling and hard-hitting. His upcoming debut album as PAV4N will be an exercise in collective creativity, with collaborations ranging from mainstream stars to nascent talents featuring on tracks. The first release off the album, ‘KARMA’ will release on March 6, 2020. 

The year will also see a series of theatrical live shows with launch events in India, UAE, UK and US, complete with bespoke visuals and motion graphics. 

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