} Get Ready For A Musical Evening By London Based Blind Orchestra 'Antardrishti- Inner Vision'

The Royal Opera House, Mumbai in collaboration with British Council and Avid Learning proudly present Antardrishti - Inner Vision, a music, dance and audio-visual extravaganza produced by London-based organization, the Baluji Music Foundation on 17th September at 7pm.

The project will premiere at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre in September 2018 during their Unlimited festival, followed by a performance at the Norwich Arts Centre and then in India in partnership with the British Council in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai.

Led by multi-instrumentalist Baluji Shrivastav OBE, who is visually impaired, the performance will feature Inner Vision Orchestra which is the UK's only blind orchestra. Its aim is to promote blind & visually impaired musicians to address the imbalance of their absence in most of the music industry in the UK. It also aims to give confidence to blind & visually impaired musicians through the experience of workshops and performances. Driven by the intensity of an inner vision, they strive to celebrate the power of music to transform lives.

The programme will also feature digital artists Addictive TV who create music you can ‘see’ as well as professional visually impaired musicians from across India including tabla/ vocals Raju Maurya, Indian flute Perumal Varudaraj, Indian violin Chiman Lal, vocalist Sayani Palit and classical Indian dancers from Delhi’s Arunima Kumar Dance Company.

Inspired by the 11th Chapter of The Bhagavad Gita, the project explores the concept of inner vision, and the complex interplay between light and darkness, examining what is sight and sightlessness. The performance will feature Regional folk, classical vocal and instrumental music that will follow a strong narrative theme, with sensitive and dramatic lighting design. Addictive TV will record, sample and add footage of several of the artists into the composition, creating a musical canvas that allows live musicians to interact with sampled recordings of themselves and the other musicians on-screen.

To dimensionalise the evening and showcase initiatives for and by the visually impaired, it will feature a pop-up of tactile art works created by visually impaired students from SIES Sion created during a workshop conducted by Siddhant Shah, founder of Access for All. He is a Heritage Architect and Access Consultant who specializes in bridging the gap between Cultural Heritage and Disability. Monthly lifestyle magazine in braille, 'White Print', will display a selection of Braille - tactile alphabet books in Hindi and English known as ‘Tactabet’.

This is one such event, where musical innovation is spearheaded by differently-abled talent that is sure to re-contextualize our understanding of music and celebrate a range of musical abilities!

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