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Starting as a band performing at youth fests, Groove Adda soon became the most entertaining pop/rock band in India. They believe that their lead vocalist Aditi Singh Sharma is the visibility queen for the band. Aditi is currently a hot property in the Bollywood music industry as she has sung chartbuster songs like ’Dhoom Machale’, ’Raabta’, ’Main Heroine Hoon’ and many others. Lined up with gigs and events Groove Adda gives their exclusive time to ACTFAQs talking about their band, musicians and future perspectives.

How did Groove Adda come together? What was the creative spark behind it? Tell us more the USP of Groove Adda’s music? What is the inspiration behind it?

Groove Adda happened right after Aditi and I (Gaurav Balani) finished our college and we just wanted to play a lot more and support ourselves just by playing music. We started the band with the idea of doing just that, because playing in a commercial band does get you a lot more shows. Even though we didn’t have a background for the music we were going to play with this band, we did have a lot of inspirations especially with new composers like Amit Trivedi who had started composing for Bollywood films and we really looking forward to this genre that we hadn’t ever played before. As of now we are exploring a very fresh dance/pop sound with the use of analogy synths and other software’s. It’s just a way expanding our sound and making it bigger. The past few shows have seen a better and bigger response due to these new additions and we want to continue with the evolution in our sound whenever we start to get ’bored’ of things.

What are the different strengths and uniqueness does each Groove Adda member brings to the band and the music?

Without trying to sound arrogant at all, I have to say that we have some of most diverse musicians in the band. Bhaskar Gurung (guitars) and Prabir Sekhri( keyboards) just got distinctions in the Teachers Diploma exam from Trinity College, London. Vishal Mehta is a grade 8 (Trinity college, London) drummer and plays for various musicians. And of course we have Aditi fronting the band. It’s quite an experience jamming with all these musicians on stage and in the practice room.

Where did you meet Aditi?

The first ’session’ I (Gaurav Balani) got with Crimson led by Aditi Singh Sharma is where I had to learn a set list of some 15 songs over the weekend. That’s where my association with Aditi started and which eventually led to the forming of ’Groove Adda’. We were just in college and everything was only about the gig you were preparing for and nothing else. I loved that feeling and as corny as it sounds, it’s never coming back because as you grow older you have to worry about so other things. But I loved the fact that I really got to enjoy all these phases during my journey as a musician.

Having played a number of gigs in the country, which has been the most challenging and most memorable experience for you?

Each show is unique in its own way. We remember a certain music festival in Goa where our band was invited to play. The organizer hadn’t taken the adequate permissions, neither were the logistics (stage, sound, lights etc.) of the show were in place. We weren’t aware of this until we reached the venue and couldn’t play at the show because of all these complications. We ended up treating it as a vacation. Usually a cancelled show brings us down, but this was Goa and we remember having an awesome time throughout.

Which have been the international tours/gigs that Groove Adda has been a part of? Which was again the most memorable and why?

We’ve played quite a few international shows over the past 5 years. Some of the better ones were UAE, Ukraine, Hong Kong and Nepal. We had the most memorable event in Nepal, we got the warmest response from there and people there just love Bollywood.

How easy or challenging is it for indie bands like Groove Adda to support oneself commercially given the competitive space you belong to?

The competition has grown by a huge extent since we started, but having Aditi in the band is a big asset. Her songs in Bollywood have taken over the band (in a positive way). Whatever shows she gets called for, automatically gives the band a space to perform.

Is Groove Adda represented by any talent management agency? If so – Who and how is the experience so far? What kind of advantages does the association come with? If not- why so?

Groove Adda and (Aditi Singh Sharma) are being managed by Tarsame Mittal’s Talent management. It’s been a good experience working with them. Since they are based out of Bombay, they know the scene really well and facilitate Aditi’s bollywood career as well. It only becomes easier if you have a good management. Whatever queries we get are directly forwarded to the company and they follow up on it right away. It makes it easier for us to focus on the musical goals of the band.

How do bands like Groove Adda decide upon ’performance fees’? Is there a particular structure or does it varies on the event brief etc.?

Earlier we used to increase the performance charges by the season, but ever since Aditi’s solo career preceded the band’s name, we’ve been taking that decision (along with the management’s consultation) based upon every new release that she has. After the release of title track Dhoom 3, we have revised our charges for this particular season.

Do you have any corporate sponsorship or brands that back you with things like musical instruments, travel to gigs, finances etc.?

We don’t have any corporate sponsorship but individually we endorse a few brands.

What kind of LIVE ACTS has the band been a part of, which was part of a Corporate/Brand event? How was the experience?

There have been quite a few corporate activities that the band has been a part of and one of the most memorable one was for an activity on Women’s day sponsored by PONDS collaborating with Farhan Akhtar. It was an awesome experience playing with Farhan as he is an amazing performer. We played at the Beautiful Bandra Fort and had hoards of women shouting for him throughout the concert.

If given the opportunity which artiste/band would Groove Adda like to collaborate with in a live performance? Why?

There are so many musicians that we idolize and grew up watching. Getting to perform with them would be a big honour. Some of them include Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and the one and only A.R Rahman.

The band was recently nominated for LIVE Quotient Awards – a one of a kind award for the budding musicians and band. Does being nominated at such awards get the much-needed visibility?

Getting nominated at any award function does that. Live Quotient Awards are well recognized awards and it did gave us quite a boost.

Indie musicians & artistes today have loads of avenues to be seen and perform at the varied music festivals that have taken over the country? What does Groove Adda as a group thinks about this?

It’s a big lift to the musician community to have such festivals all over the country, individually and as a group, we support this completely.

Which have been the festivals last year that Groove Adda was invited to perform at? Were these commercial ventures or just barter for visibility?

They were both, when Groove Adda plays college shows, it’s mostly for visibility and to reach out to the youth, but throughout the year we play at corporate shows which help us monetarily. We get a different set of audience at both these shows and we enjoy playing for them.

Does Groove Adda only do covers or do you also have original songs that you perform to? What is easier in terms of performance?

Groove Adda as a band never got to release any compositions. We started as a band to cover Bollywood music and play for corporate shows. During the first year of our inception, Aditi’s career took quite a leap and we were gigging more than usual. The live shows took precedence over anything that we had planned. Although, after doing that for over 5 years now, we have been working on some new ideas. We have some plans for this summer season, when the shows are slightly less in number. We will be releasing some independent videos and music as a band.

Any plans to get into a recording studio come out with your own album? What are the challenges for indie artistes to record albums and tracks? What can be done to encourage this further in your perspective?

We haven’t thought about an album yet, but yes, we will be recording a few singles soon. Indie artists face the lack of exposure many times. You just need to be persistent and gigging frequently to overcome that.

What’s in store for Groove Adda in the coming future? Is there a musical strategy so to speak?

We take things as they come. We do plan on recording a lot more in the future. Usually the compositions/recording takes a back seat due to the excessive touring. We plan to overcome that and focus on both the aspects simultaneously.

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