} HDFC Life Launches #BounceBack Campaign Inspired By Visually Impaired Chess Player Darpan Inani

Real life stories find a better connect in these virtually connected times we live in, which is why brands are roping in real life achievers and their stories to bring alive their brand message or lend an air of authenticity to their communication campaigns.

HDFC Life Insurance Company recently launched a new ad campaign #BounceBack showcasing the story of Darpan Inani, India's highest rated Visually Impaired Chess Player.


Darpan is the highest rated blind chess player in India and the youngest to have ever won the National blind chess championships. He also participated in various tournaments and has won many laurels. He competed against sighted players at State-level chess tournaments as part of the U13, U15 and U17 categories, and has represented Gujarat at the nationals. He became the youngest player to win the National Blind Chess Championship at the age of 16 in 2010.

He bagged the Bronze at the World Junior Blind Chess Championship (U20) at Serbia in 2013, the first ever individual medal to have been won by India in blind chess. He has represented the country four times in World Blind Chess Championships. He is also the only Indian visually impaired chess player to have ever won an international prize at the Creon Open chess tournament in France in 2018. Darpan was featured in Algorithms, an award-winning documentary directed by Ian McDonald, which details the little-known sporting field of blind chess in India.

The campaign that has been launched on the digital platform gives an insight on the life story of Darpan which highlights how a strong will to fight and the right financial support can help you bounce back from life's biggest challenges.

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