} In conversation with Abhijit Vaghani, the man behind T-Series Mix-Tape

At a time when in mainstream music, the place of melody is being reduced substantially, Abhijit Vaghani gives us plenty of reasons to cheer. Abhijit’s love for singing is not foreign as the singer has sung in T-Series Mixtape. Call him a Music Producer, Composer, Director or Singer- he wears many hats in the Indian music industry. 

Taking time off from a packed schedule to speak to actfaqs.com, Abhijit looks back at his inspirations, associations, early beginnings, the art of composing songs, the music industry and more.

Q. How did you get into music and for how long have you been producing for?
Music was always my hobby, gradually it took over as a passion in my life. Now, it’s been over 20 years since I chose my passion to be my career.

Q. What inspires you and what makes you keep producing music?
Music is an essential part of me and there has always been a want of innovation, new styles and bringing a change in Bollywood. Creativity inspires me constantly and it still keeps me going. 

Q. How do you approach the projects on which you work?
I never approach my projects with a plan, it’s always been about the vibe and the feel. Something which is beyond money is my love for music. 

Q. What is your take on corporate events? Have you been a part of any?
Corporate events gives an immense amount of exposure and it is a great platform to perform. It has even created an enormous amount of opportunities for musicians to showcase their talent as it is not as restricted as Bollywood music and moreover, this sector gave birth to lot of independent artists as well. Yes, I have been a part of lot of private corporate events. 

Q. What are your plans and hopes for the future with regard to your music?
I always go with the flow with my music and I always make sure to bring something different on the table every time I produce or compose. As I mentioned creativity and new styles which brings up the change is always on my mind. 

Q. If you weren’t a singer, a music composer or a music producer, what would you have liked to have been?
I guess, I would be working in Starbucks because I love coffee.  

Q. Tell us something about your upcoming projects.
I am working towards my own singles as a singer and a composer. Apart from that, I am even starting my own live shows in the coming future. There is a lot of things in the pipeline apart from Bollywood music this time. 


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