} India's Premier Hip-Hop Star DIVINE Announces Gully Fest

For many, DIVINE is hip-hop. Reinforcing that connection is the rapper’s newest endeavour, Gully Fest – a one-day festival dedicated to every element of hip-hop culture. 

Presented by Red Bull Music, Gully Fest is a one-day festival dedicated to all elements of hip-hop culture; to feature acts like DIVINE’s band Gully Gang, Delhi Sultanate and Begum X and local hip-hop stars; to be held on 22nd September in Mumbai.

Gully Fest will feature the biggest and upcoming stars of desi hip-hop, professional MCs and DJs, beatboxers, b-boys and showcase the best of street culture in India. 

The line-up includes Gully Gang (DIVINE and his live band that includes drummer Jai Row Kavi, guitarist Randolph Correia and bassist Krishna Zaveri, alongside hypeman and visual director, JD and turntablist Spindoctor); reggae and dub artists Delhi Sultanate and Begum X and some of Mumbai’s most promising acts like Enkore, D’evil, MC Altaf, Gravity, Dee MC, 7 BantaiZ, Proof and Major C

An intrinsic part of hip-hop culture, b-boying in recent years has seen an upsurge in popularity in India, and Gully Fest will also showcase the dance style courtesy three-time Red Bull BC One India Champion, Flying Machine. 

Over the past couple of years, hip-hop has become the voice of new India, giving the underrepresented a platform for self-expression. At the centre of this cultural storm is DIVINE, India’s premier hip-hop star. 

Gully Fest is a celebration of all that makes Indian hip-hop one of the most popular genres of music amongst young Indians today – a cultural phenomenon. 

“Gully Fest is the voice of streets. It’s not just a stage, it is a community of voices from my generation that are only just starting to get heard. This is only just the start,” says DIVINE aka Vivian Fernandes. 

With awards and accolades to his name, DIVINE’s fiery, anger-spitting verses have struck a chord with everyone from Dharavi to Darjeeling. Central to rise of the ‘gully rap’ movement, with hit singles like ‘Meri gully mein’, ‘Jungli sher’, ‘Farak’ and ‘One side’ DIVINE’s brutally honest Hindi rap draws inspiration from his own life and the streets of Mumbai, set to beats that wouldn’t be out of place in a Los Angeles studio. 

Gig Details

City: Mumbai

Date: September22

Day: Saturday


Entry: By RSVP only on


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