} Korean Group LUCENTE Gears Up For Debut Tour To India

Korean group LUCENTE from Noga Entertainment marked their debut recently with the powerful lead single Your Difference. Fueled with smooth choreography and catchy grooves, the track, which threads on the genre of hip-hop and progressive pop, headlines the group's first EP - The Big Dipper.
But that is not all! The seven-member group is all set to bring their contagious energy and hard-hitting music to India. The group will embark on a Two-City Concert Tour, making pit stops at Mumbai and Pune on October 27 and 28 respectively.

The concert in Mumbai will be held at Sophia College Auditorium with the entry being free of charge. The show, which will begin at 6:00 pm, comes after a mini K-Pop contest that will showcase the city's love for Korean music and dance.

LUCENTE consists of U. Seong, Z. Hoo, Kogun, Bao, Parkha, Hero and Taejun. With fan bases already set in India and Japan, the group hopes to shine their light across the globe. But we say that the group is already making a difference in the course of K-Pop with their passionate performances.
But this is not the first time Mumbaikars have witnessed the captivating performances of the new group. Last year, the group judged the Mumbai regional round as well as the Indian finals of the 2017 Changwon K-Pop World Festival.

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