} Lizol Ropes In Chef Vikas Khanna To Launch 'Lizol Kitchen, Healthy Kitchen' Campaign!

Popular Disinfecting and Cleaning Solutions Brand Lizol recently announced, the ‘Lizol Kitchen, Healthy Kitche.’ campaign with internationally acclaimed Indian Chef Vikas Khanna, as the Brand Ambassador for its new Kitchen Power Cleaner. Together, they aim to create awareness around the importance of having a germ-free kitchen and get India to make the right choice for a truly healthy life.
For ages, Indians have adopted various cleaning techniques like bars and detergents to clean their kitchen surfaces not knowing that it may have very little effect in removing germs. Today, health conscious consumers are rapidly adopting healthy eating habits, but the kitchen cleaning remains conventional. Take the commonly found oil stains accumulated on kitchen surfaces, when left behind become a breeding ground for germs.
Commenting on his association with the brand, Vikas Khanna said, “In India, we are seeing a major shift in people’s perception about nutrition intake and healthy food. While they are making healthier choices with their diet, enough attention is not being paid to the germs that exist on kitchen slabs, stoves, tiles, etc., which unintentionally find a way into the food we cook. Even the smallest oil stains are hotbeds of germs because of their sticky nature and a wet cloth wipe is not enough to protect your family from them. With the ‘Lizol Kitchen. Healthy Kitchen.’ campaign, I will urge modern homemakers to take a step ahead towards making their kitchens a healthier space.”
On the announcement, Sukhleen Aneja, CMO, Marketing Director, South Asia RB Hygiene Home said, “Women spend a lot of their time in the kitchen making sure they prepare a healthy meal for their family but are unaware of the invisible illness causing germs that lie around. Kitchen hygiene is a major concern in India and interestingly, research found that 100% of kitchen cloths in India are heavily contaminated and was found to be the dirtiest item in Indian households. This encouraged us to develop a solution that gives 10 times better germ-protection against ordinary dish bar to ensure a healthier kitchen. Vikas Khanna has been a key influencer in driving conversations around nutritious and healthy food around the globe and in India he is an epitome of culinary versatility with a huge fan following. We are delighted to have him as our partner in driving ‘Lizol Kitchen. Healthy Kitchen.’ campaign and ensuring a healthier living across all households.”
The association with Vikas will spin a holistic, multi touchpoint campaign that will establish Lizol as a specialist Kitchen cleaner.

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