} Magnetic Fields festival to be held in Rajasthan in December

The three-day festival, Magnetic Fields is an independent festival that was founded by artists for like-minded people. The festival will take place from December 14th to 16th at Alsisar Mahal, a stately 17th century palace that provides the perfect backdrop for Magnetic Fields’ handpicked showcase of music and the arts. The festival, like every year, will be limited capacity, and promises to be an immersive, curated experience unlike any other on the Indian circuit.

Just under six hours from Delhi, Alsisar Mahal beckons those with a sense of history and adventure. The palace rooms with its combination of modern comfort in a heritage setting have proven to be a very popular choice and in fact, sell out within minutes every year. The festival has caught the fancy of fans and artists from around the world with its immersive and curated festival experience. 

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