} Meet India's Ace Manganiyar Singer: Mame Khan

Coming from the family of renowned musicians, Mame Khan has been performing unique folk songs for over 15 generations. His music career started at the age of 12 from a small almost medieval village named Satto near Jaisalmer. The place still echoes with the poignant verses of the poets that once breathed the air and stirring music of the artists, who spinned music almost like stories. Mame and his family have been stringently preserving the art of centuries old, which would have otherwise been lost.

Khan specializes in the Manganiyar Folk Music called Jangra, which encompasses beautiful verses for just about any occasions in life, be it death or birth, budding love or the pain of separation. His deep and powerful voice, not just fills your senses, but somehow makes you feel the emotions behind each word. Names like - Mira Bai, Kabir, Lal Shahbâz Qalandar and Bulleh Shah may have been lost to oblivious over time, but Mame Khan has kept them alive in his music. 

Khan is one of those rare breeds of musicians, whose music emerges from soul and pierces the listeners heart. Apart from gracing many prestigious platforms both national and international, Mame Khan, has also lent his voice to popular Hindi films like No One Killed Jessica (Aitbaar) and Luck by Chance (Bawre).

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