} Meet India's Glass Harp Artist - Gaurav Kotian

If you think Glasses were meant only for wine and dine, let me tell you, if used creatively they can musically take you back in time.

Multi-faceted, versatile and the only Glass Harpist Artist based out of the finance capital of India, Mumbai - Gaurav Kotian is also a guitar enthusiast and a budding singer.

A wooden board with 27 water-filled wine glasses stands in front as Gaurav botches with the glasses, his fingers deftly handling the rims to produce lilting and sweet sounds in sync with the track playing in the background. The prodigious musician was also featured on India’s Got Talent – Season 6.

From the 1960-hit Ajeeb dastaan hai yeh... to Badlapur’s popular track, Jeena Jeena, Kotian sticks to soulful songs in Hindi along with English melodies.

However, playing the instrument is no cakewalk. The music background helped him construct the glass harp from scratch when he learnt about the instrument few years back. Built with wooden boards, wine glasses and the other fixtures, the glasses are of different shapes and sizes as they are mounted on a wooden board with elastic straps. The level of water in each glass also varies according to the sound to be produced which happens due to resonance effect. The instrument is unique because it’s acoustic and doesn’t require a battery or electricity!

An emerging art medium used to reach people in most impactful manner possible, Gaurav is already embracing this uniqueness through his act!

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