} Meet Sanjeev Shekhar, the keeper of Installation Art in India

The greatest artists throughout history had styles that were incredibly distinctive and unique. It’s very interesting how much the imagination and creativity of some people evolve to create beautiful new art forms, some of them maybe a little strange, but you can’t resist but appreciate what they’ve achieved. The same way we have Installation Art, which is an artistic genre of 3D works that are often site-specific and intended to transform the insight of a space.

Sanjeev Shankar is one of the very few Installation Artists in India. His famous works are Jugaad, Yoga Temple, Facade Technology, Bi-cultural handmade footwear, Green brick, living root bridges, bamboo lamps, earthquake resident woven timber system, bird headgear, snake boat and Silent Rivers. He has also written several articles about his work and experiences. His project, Jugaad was shortlisted for the Emerging Architecture Award at Royal Institute of British Architects in 2010 and continues to be used as a benchmark for participatory methods in architecture and public art. This project involved a suspended shade canopy fabricated from discarded cooking oil cans for a public art festival in India. 

Over the last decade, Sanjeev has encouraged communities worldwide through rigorous field research, experimentation and a comprehensive hands-on methodology.

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