} Meet the Rappers that draw inspiration from life itself- Raptilez 101

Guns, Roses, drugs and street fights, most rapper’s journey revolve around these, but this trio takes inspiration from just one thing - life. Life has taught them everything. After performing in India’s Got Talent, they garnered a lot of fame. Performing in IGT was one of the best moments for the group.

The Three boys Gaganpreet Singh, Udaibir Singh and Daanvir Singh Mavi have made it big in their hometown Chandigarh. With no album to their name, the rap group Raptilez 101 has released 14 singles on social networking sites and Youtube. Raptilez 101 has members from age group 16-24 years. They started from scratch and finally ended up here. The group has done several shows across the country. They were featured in the title song of a Punjabi movie named “Young Malang” along with Yuvraj Hans, Vinaypal Buttar & Balli Riar. Raptilez 101 has also recorded a title song for an upcoming Bollywood movie directed by Kabir Sadanand starring Vir Das.

Photo Credits- Colors TV

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