} Mime Artist, Moinul Haque Speaks With His Silence

Mime, an art where silence speaks more than words and Mime Artist, Moinul Haque has mastered it. A self-taught artist, Haque is the pioneer of mime artist in the North Eastern region. Not only that, but he is the only performer of this art form to cross the maximum number of stage performances in India and abroad.

Moinul Haque started his career as a mono actor and a sound effect artiste. After acting in Tele films, Feature-films and as a regular artiste of Guwahati Doordarshan, he has also performed solo mime for more than 30 years across the globe. Apart from performing, Haque has also produced a large number of mimes play namely ’Puppet’, ’Paisa’, ’Gobhait Chor’, ’Bridge’, ’Health-Centre’, ’Dahez, Intrution’, ’Bird’, ’Hunger’, ’America’ and many more. 

Haque’s ‘Mime Academy’ in India is the first institute to teach the art of mime in the North Eastern region of India. He also performs at various corporate shows, one of the recent one being Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd

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