} New release On Gravity Sounds, 'Green Tea' Features Curtain Blue And Komorebi

Delhi-based musicians Komorebi and Curtain Blue kickstart 2020 with a new collaboration, EP Green Tea that features the track and three remixes by electronic music producers Grain, Jitter and Malfnktion. The EP has been released on Gravity Sounds – a label run by Gaurav Raina aka Grain, also one half of the legendary Midival Punditz – on January 28. 

The track ‘Green Tea’ is effervescent, like most synth-pop productions, and features an amalgamation of the two distinctive styles that Curtain Blue and Komorebi bring to the table. The Delhi-based producers – no strangers to each other’s work – have been spending time in the studio and the apparent ease with which they’ve found balance is clear in ‘Green Tea’. 

Curtain Blue’s haunting vocal style is his trademark, and Green Tea bears that stamp proudly. Komorebi, known for her Japanese-anime inspired productions brings a certain emotive quality to the track, complimented by the warm organic sounds in the production. 

Electronic producer Malfnktion, Jitter and Grain bring their own influences and interpretations to the remixes, and each one is different from the other. While Malfnktion loads up the remix with Indian sounds, as is his style, Grain and Jitter contribute robust remixes that were made keeping the dancefloor in mind. 

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