} Pan Vilas Releases New Ad Campaign With Manoj Bajpayee

Mouth freshener Pan Vilas Premium Elaichi has launched an ad campaign with an array of TVCs starring Manoj Bajpayee, Jameel Khan and Elli Avram. Continuing their highly recalled and celebrated ‘Shauk Badi Cheez Hai’, the TVC’s captures the brand’s philosophy of passionate indulgence. 

Anirban Sen, Business Head, Chewing & Confectionary, Godfrey Phillips India, said, “Pan Vilas Premium Elaichi is an embodiment of ‘Shauk badi cheez hai’. The tagline of the brand underlines the inherent promise of highest quality. ‘Shauk badi cheez hai’ has proved to be a powerful message and has helped us differentiate from the ordinary, stand apart from all other brands in the market. This new TVCs allow us to reinforce this message and create a greater and lasting impact in the minds of the audience.”

Manoj Bajpayee also commented, “I immediately connected with the concept of ‘shauk’ as I personally pursue my hobbies with the same passion. In fact I had also shot in the state-of-art factory it is manufactured in when I first launched Pan Vilas Premium Elaichi. Bringing in the authenticity to the role was a joy thanks to the excellent product, the communication and of course the wonderful stories that come together in a cohesive manner. I am happy to be a part of ‘Shauk badi cheez hai’.”      

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