} A Perfect Blend Of Indian And Western Music - Bennet And The Band

A unique blend of various music cultures, Bennet and the band was started by Bennet Roland in 1998. Hailing from Kerala, their music is a perfect balance of emotional expression and calculated composition. The band believes in broadening their horizons and experimenting rather than confining their music to a genre. 

The band embraces highly talented session artists and musicians with roots in eclectic styles that revolve around Bennet. The band uses electric and acoustic guitars, flutes, recorder, tabla, saxophone, gangira, mridangam, synthesizers, keyboards, drums, piano, and darbuka combined with African drum djembe and classical European instruments like clarinet, violin, etc. together with the bass. The taste of Indian Film songs blended with Western Alternative style of playing has given the band a different vertical in the musical world.

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