} Portuguese DJ, Branko to bring the party to India

Scheduled to be performing in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru, the news of the DJ Branko’s India tour has got his fans in a frenzy. The Portuguese Producer cum DJ first came to limelight in 2015, when his first album “Atlas” topped the charts inspired by his travels around Cape town, New York, Amsterdam and Sau Paulo. He is also noted for some of his big collaborations with Princess Nokia and DJ Slink and with Rodes Rollins on the track "Out of Sight (So Right)". 

Branko will be seen performing with DJ SuReal in New Delhi on 4th April 2019. SuReal is known for Bass music and whisking it into the entire history of recorded dance music from EDM to hip-hop, dancehall, house, disco, soul, funk, and R&B. On 5th April 2019, He’ll be performing in Mumbai along with ENG. He is known for India's most talked about festivals – ‘Magnetic Fields’. Eng. is also a member of the Bombay based creative collective Wetheppl and lastly on 6th April 2019, He’ll be performing in Bengaluru with Daisho which is the solo exploration of Electronic Music by Angad Bharaj. 

With the reminiscing arrangement of DJ’s with Branko, it is the perfect event to lookout for. 

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