} Prateek Kuhad's 'cold/mess' Finds Its Way To Obama's Ears

Over the past year, singer-songwriter Prateek Kuhad travelled across the world accumulating fans and accolades with each show and cemented his position as one of India’s biggest musical exports. Prateek – who just completed a run of 30 shows across three continents and performed in cities in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain and India – received a stamp of approval from an unexpected source, former American president and global icon, Barack Obama

Obama recently released his favourite music of 2019, a list of 35 songs that included tracks from popstars and trendsetters like Beyoncé, Frank Ocean, Lizzo, Kaytranada, Solange, Maggie Rogers among others and the title track from Prateek’s 2018 EP, cold/mess. “I couldn’t have ever hoped for a better end to 2019! It’s been such a crazy year and then the Obama playlist. Thrilled and grateful, as ever,” says Prateek.  

With close to 75 sold-out shows across North America, UK, Europe and India, Prateek has proven to be India’s most successful singer-songwriter. Being mentioned as one of Obama's favourite songs of 2019 is something that was unexpected, and absolutely overwhelming, says Anirudh Voleti – who works at artist management agency Big Bad Wolf – Prateek’s manager and the architect, alongside Prateek’s American manager Nicole Barsalona, behind the singer-songwriter’s meteoric rise in the past couple of years. 

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