} Raise a toast to Gauley Bhai for Hypnotic Rock Debut Album

The four-piece Bengaluru band, Gauley Bhai has been enchanting audience with their pleasing take on Nepali folk tunes that has earned it a considerable fan following during the course of their performances throughout the country last year. Regardless of the strong Nepali folk influence, Gauley Bhai is a Bengaluru band because it imbibes the spirit and the vibe of Bengaluru. The Band members are from Kalimpong and Kozhikode and this intersection of geographies and musical roots is the essence of their music. 

Gauley Bhai will be two years old in October 2019. They started with a performance at a festival called ‘I live here’ in 2017 which was an exploration of the diverse identities that inhabit Bengaluru. They recently released Joro (fever) their first album, a thematic exploration of love, identity and memory. Alongside they also released a booklet with translations of their songs, T-shirts and other band merchandise. 

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