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Revathi Kant is the Assistant Vice President, Design & Innovation, Jewellery Division, Titan Company Limited. She is the creative mind behind the exquisite designs and collections of Tanishq jewellery. She very well understands her brand and her target audience and creates jewellery which can fulfil the needs of her customers by giving them the best of value and quality. When ACTFAQs spoke to this charismatic lady, we acknowledged her intelligence and her strong belief towards the brand Tanishq. We are glad to share Revathi’s thoughts about brand IVA, celebrity endorsements and her future plans for Tanishq.

How different is brand Tanishq from other brands?

Tanishq starts have an instinctive value. When we started of brand Tanishq about 20 years back, it was all about purity, transparency, ethical etc. These are the words with a synonymous with the brand Tanishq. These keywords are the base and the core of our brand. When a customer walks into a Tanishq brand is because of the kind of products we have, the exclusive designs we present to them, the versatility we bring in. The fresh and new collection we provide them is what makes Tanishq a different brand from the rest.

Why Kangana Ranaut for endorsing IVA?

Kangana Ranaut relates with the brand beautifully. She herself is a self-owner of Tanishq products. She believes in the brand. Kangana is young, popular and she very well represents the ideology of IVA. The brand value of IVA and Kangana is truly a match.

Do you feel celebrities give more visibility to brands and their products?

I certainly think they certainly do give it. But I believe that you need to understand the brand value of both and connect it in the right way.

Is Kangana Ranaut the brand ambassador of IVA?

It’s a brand association. Kangana has been associated with brand IVA for this launch.

Who is the target audience for Tanish IVA?

The target audience for Tanishq IVA is definitely the people who are fashionable. Not necessarily very young. They could be in the age thirty-five or early forties. People want to look young, dress well and these people are certainly our target audience. IVA products are affordable. So the target audience which is the young generation don’t usually want to spend much, hence they can easily pick up and IVA product. It’s not only about age but people’s idea about being fashionable.

And how does Kangana connect to the target audience?

Kangana Ranaut is very versatile, she is young, working woman, modern and many people aspire to be like her. Hence she very well connects with the target audience.

What marketing strategy has Tanishq used to reach to its customers?

There is always a marketing strategy. Not only for IVA but we have different marketing strategies for different in-house brands. We have different products for different consumer sections. It it’s a wedding season we would launch products which suits that category. As this is summer time, IVA products are fresh and light which will suit the collection of time.

Is Tanishq available internationally?

No not yet. We are definitely looking for tie-ups with international brands. Currently Tanishq is available in about 160 stores across India.

Is there any other jewellery product of TATA enterprise available internationally?

Tanishq and Gold plus is the only jewellery brand available by Tata Enterprise.

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