} Riding With Style - Meet Neptune Unicycle!

A unicycle, to those who have already seen or heard of one, is most commonly instantly recognized as a key element of the circus, of clowns and children and daredevil humor.

With refined precision of balance and control as testimony to twenty years of riding experience behind him, Neptune Unicyclist begins by taking the unicycle out of the circus; then, with fluidity, accuracy and skill, he presents unicycling with a whole new concept: as a primary art form in itself.
His talent eventually developed into a profession, and he now has been performing in India and abroad since over ten years. In his shows, Neptune strives to shatter these traditional conceptions and bring unicycling as a performance to a whole new level.

Rocking, flowing, spinning, hopping, flying, dancing on the unicycle in pure synchronization with the music along with tricks, stunts and freestyle…through the medium of the unicycle he inspires awe.
Along with his freeform, he also enhances the entertainment from his performance by juggling either balls or clubs, spinning staff or poi, twirling a gymnasts’ ribbon, jumping with a skipping rope, or by playing a musical instrument called the Mouth Harp all while unicycling.

Even fire staff or fire poi add to this extra dimension of his performance, and then for his exclusive grand finale, he lights his wheel on fire and rides a flaming unicycle. Neptune loves to tailor his performance according to the event or the show.

Whether on stage or riding around the venue impressing and interacting with the crowd, dressing up like a waiter and navigating with diligence between tables and chairs with a tray serving guests, dancing along in the middle of a dance floor amongst clubbers at a party or a night club with LED lights in his wheel, or as a visual artist on top of a riser to the side of the stage at a full scale music concert, his options are unlimited.

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