} Saif Ali Khan officially launches 'Marriott on Wheels'

Hungry? Marriott on Wheels is exactly what you need. All time foodie Saif Ali Khan has launched the Marriott on Wheels. He says he likes the concept of food trucks. Recently played the character of a Chef in the movie “Chef”, he learned a few cooking hacks from the head Chef of the Hotel during the film shoot. 

According to the plan, a food truck will be sailing around six cities, which includes Pune, Kochi, Madurai, Lucknow, Ahmedabad and Amritsar. Along the way, chefs from Marriott across the country will hop on board to serve the signature dishes of the city. These food trucks will not only ensure the quality food, but they will also allow the guests to have a great time under the open skies.
On this occasion Saif commented It is going to be interesting because the truck is going to travel six cities and explore local flavors. I am one of those people who love roadside food as well as international cuisines. I love Indian food. I also love Chinese, Japanese and Italian food. Basically, I am a foodie." He added, "I think the food truck is a good idea for foodies.”

The truck will pop up in these locations across each city, so keep your eyes wide open!

7–8 April, Food Truck Park, Mondeal Heights, Ahmedabad

13–14 April, Ranjit Avenue C Block, Kabir Parikh market, Amritsar

18–19 April, Metro Apartment, Sahara Plaza Market, Lucknow

30 April–1May, HCL complex, Kalavasal, Madurai

5–6 May, Lulu Mall, Infopark, Kochi

14–15 May, EON, Mariplex, Pune

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