} Sanatan Dinda - Intriguing Art of Transforming Human Body into Striking Illustration

An artist shows us a world that our cluttered mind fails to perceive. Like architecture, whose originality of creations inspires and sets the foundation for innovation. India’s landscape is abounding with artists. The sheer drive and creativity they exhibit is difficult to put in words.

One such artist is ’Santana Dinda’, an eminent body artist, whose work recently stood second at the 18th edition of World Bodypainting Festival 2015. His body of work is not merely restricted to creating masterpieces on human body, but extends to creating equally captivating artwork on sculptures. ACTFAQs team got a chance to engage the artist in a friendly repartee, sharing insights on the dynamics of body art, taking India on global stage and more. Excerpts from same.

What inspired you to take human body as your canvas?

I have seen my mother wear vermilion and bindi every day in the morning. I have seen Ramleela, where Ram wears green color on his body, and Lord Krishna blue. When making Durga idol every year, I use my imagination and give it the hue that takes my fancy. If I can paint on canvas and sculptures, then why not human body? It may be difficult from other mediums, but the effort is well worth it. It took me three years, just to understand how to paint three colors with different sizes of brush. My model in India is petite and brown skinned, but my model Nicole Rieder, in Australia is tall, 5’ll. So, I have a bigger canvas to work on, which makes the artwork easy.

You had your work recently showcased at World Bodypainting Festival 2015 and even bagged second prize for same, tell us about the experience?

The respect I got in Australia was amazing. My dedicated work and effort is been acknowledged and recognized throughout Europe, the feeling is immensely gratifying.

What was the subject of your art work at World Bodypainting Festival 2015?

In the first round, our theme was ’Game - People’s Play’. I had done puzzle on the whole body and a hint of chess on the legs. I took the image of ’Creation of Adams’ and made it into a puzzle. I tried to tell a story of creators, their creations, and their daily situations in the modern world. Generally, artists do workshops every year on body geometry, painting, headgear, everything. But, I never attended these workshops, so I had a plus point, I never followed any geometry. My compositions were unique, different from others. As I didn’t observe their technique, I followed my own method, which my college teacher has taught me. And it was this novel element that helped me score highest mark at WBF first round and placed me in the second position.

Shed some light on the symbolism/element or scenes that makes the crux of your artwork?

My model at World Bodypainting Festival 2015 was a female, I made one of her breasts a hand grenade, on her belly a small baby with scared expression, a deformed portrait on her chest and a worried face of Salvador Dali(surrealist painter) on the back. I was trying to project precisely how scared our future generation will be of the world we have created. In my work, I don’t use any metaphor, just raw images to express emotions. Every time I make a body art, I have to depend on my model’s body geometry, skin tone, and the quality of skin, the challenges are different, each time. When I started off three years ago, it was difficult for me to find a model in Kolkata, so I had to work with our single model, with dark skin tone. It was very challenging to understand, how the same artwork and textures will look like in a fair skinned model. However, things have changed with time, now I have 3 female models and a male model to work with. The younger generations has become more receptive to the idea, and are taking keen interest in the artwork, which in its own is inspiring.

Any collaborations on cards for your future projects, if so, who and why?

My performance at WBF, 2015 earned me a trophy, prize money and a gift voucher from Kryolan, There was once a time when finding sponsorship was impossible, now two companies - kyrolan & Cameleon - are ready to sponsor me next year.

On a closing note, what can viewers expect from you next?

My dream is to inspire generation Y in alternative art practices. And body painting is certainly a strong medium to do it! I am happy to help budding artists in any way I can. I am thankful to the people who have supported me in my initiative to bring this art form in front of the world.

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