} Sarod Maestro Soumik Datta To Release New EP, Jangal

London-based musician, composer, television presenter, and sarod maestro Soumik Datta releases a compelling new EP, Jangal, inspired by the global environmental crisis that engulfs the world. Bridging the world of Indian classical and contemporary music, Jangal is a vibrant tangle of musical influences and styles with the planet at the centre of it. The soundtrack crackles with a defiant energy, and meshes ancient, digital, vocal and electronic rhythms and melodies.

Jangal (the original Urdu word for jungle) is unruly, full of life and cinematic in its scope. Angry and in parts aspirational, Soumik’s orchestrated collisions of Latin percussion, analogue synths, Swiss hang drums and Indian sarod lament the wreckage of our planet. They howl, roar and protest over our inability to stop the social and ecological collapse. 

The title track, ‘Jangal’, opens unexpectedly, with a rhythm played on the Latin American Bombo drum, an ancient instrument traditionally used by Amazon tribes to celebrate nature and the rainforest. Layered with this raw beat are Rhodes piano, Moog and an array of analogue synths that evoke not just the real jungle but also a concrete one. Holding these two worlds of nature and man together is the hook, played on the sarod. Drawing from the traditional Indian melody, Mian ki Malhar, Soumik’s custom-built sarod weaves a rich tapestry of raga, rhythm and roaring synth.


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