} Shan Vincent de Paul, Yanchan release episode 7 of Mrithangam Rap

Popularly known as pioneers of Carnatic Rap, Toronto-based Tamil rapper and director Shan Vincent de Paul, and singer/producer Yanchan unveiled the latest episode of their Mrithangam Rap series on Monday. It is an entirely new fusion of classical Eastern instruments with Western-influenced rap and has quickly caught the attention of fans, hip-hop and Carnatic music around the world. 

The latest episode, directed by Gajan Balan, presents the duo in a beautiful black and white setting, in silhouette form, placing the emphasis on a powerful performance. The undeniable chemistry between Shan Vincent de Paul and Yanchan is on full display while they effortlessly jump from various flows and rhythms.

The latest episode was shot in Bangalore, as the two artists are currently on tour in India. They will be performing in Chennai on February 29 in what will their last on this tour. Shan and Yanchan are also working on a collaborative album titled “IYAAA”, which drops on March 27

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