} Singer-Songwriter And Producer Sanoli Chowdhury Releases New EP

Prolific and multifaceted singer-songwriter and producer, Sanoli Chowdhury releases her third EP 'It’s All a Monotonous Game' on February 14. The Bangalore-based producer who caught people’s attention, and ears, with her debut EP The Futile Search for Elegance in 2018, has also been signed on by London-based management agency, United Sound Entertainment. 

The new, five-track EP – like all of Sanoli’s creations – is a collection of sepia-toned soundscapes that are vulnerable, unhurried and intimate. The EP is a subtle take on nuances of relationships that feel strangely familiar. The sound is unprocessed yet refined and there is an odd sense of vulnerability drenched in melancholy permeating every track in the EP.  The ambient soundscape created by a combination of laidback percussion and lo-fi music is carefree in spirit but purposeful. 

Mastered at British mastering engineer Mandy Parnell’s iconic studio Black Saloon Studios in London, the record kicks off with the subtly lo-fi ‘Tormented by sounds’ where Sanoli’s raspy vocals tell the tale of the toll that relationships take. The experimental ‘Voice notes sent by you’ – where she put together a few voice notes sent to her alongside lo-fi field recordings – lends a tactile texture to her sound. On ‘Dear Carol’, the 21-year-old singer-songwriter expresses how subconscious awareness sometimes leads to relationships falling apart. The multitude of moods in sublunary relationships form a common thread through all the tracks in It’s All a Monotonous Game, and Sanoli’s music pulses with soulful intimacy.  

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