} Skeleton Dance Crew Makes You Think Beyond Your Imagination

High energy dance forms like salsa, hip hop, tango, Bollywood etc. have been at the center of focus in most dance interactions but Skeleton Dance Crew brings an unimaginative talent to their dance act on par with anyone internationally.

This eclectic Crew brings in a combination of dance and lights that amalgamate to create something spectacular. They perform the ’Tron Act’ by using radium lights on skeleton costumes that make them stand out in the ’dark.’ It is the only Crew in India to perform the Tron Act and each time they take stage; their common vision to better their performance from the last time is what keeps them tight together.

They have been part of numerous brand engagement exercises and one of their most unique acts was to customize a dance performance for TATA TEA GOLD- the UV ACT! They have also been part of the Asian Paints Act where they choreographed and danced to a specially conceptualized Basketball themed Tron Dance.

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