} The dancer who dances her own dance - Aditi Mangaldas

A renowned Kathak dancer and choreographer, Aditi Mangaldas is a former student of both Kumudini Lakhia and Birju Maharaj and has remained one of the principal dancers in latter’s troupe for several years.

She started her own dance institution in Delhi, the Drishtikon Dance Foundation, where she is the artistic director/choreographer and principal dancer. Aditi has used her vast knowledge and skills in Kathak to carve out a niche for herself based on her contemporary interpretation of this classical Indian Dance form. Besides choreographing classical productions, she has broken new grounds in the past years and thus infused a new energy into the traditional style of Kathak.

Having performed in some major cities across the world she is now known as one of the leading dancers who goes beyond the form and content to come up with a new language each time. Her solo performances are not only breath taking but also eloquent with her artistry and sublime techniques that reflect her spirit. Each of her pieces explores the nuances of history thus creating a new future of contemporary performances.

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