} The embodiment of ability beyond disability - Deepa Malik

They say a woman typically settles down as she enters her 40’s and she thinks of living her life according to the normal stereotypical social image but if it’s true for every woman then how is Deepa Malik any different? Having started her sports career at the age of 36, this paraplegic woman has defied all social norms.

Raised in an army family and married to an army officer, she is used to fighting difficulties that most of us can't even think of facing. She is a proud mother of two daughters. Deepa has never been frightened by hardships. She has a lot of accolades under her name- a Paralympic Athlete, a Motor Rally Driver, a Swimmer, a Sports Bike Racer, an Entrepreneur, a Motivational Speaker, and a prominent Disability Activist. Deepa firmly refuses to let any conversation swing to sympathy that her disability often attracts. 

She has given several lectures and been a part of a number of educational conclaves & MNCs (Corporate sector) as a motivational and inspirational speaker. Her focus, determination and attitude are something few people can dream of. From junior to senior executives, everyone finds her sessions motivating and inspiring, teaching people to fight odds and never settle.

A biopic is also being made on the life of Dr. Malik under the Excel Entertainment banner which is in its pre-production and casting stage.

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