} The New Queen of Indian Classical Violin- L. Athira Krishna

Proudly known as the 'Violin Princess Athira' and 'New Queen of Indian Classical Violin', L. Athira Krishna is an internationally acclaimed Prodigy Violinist who roots from Kerala. Athira hails from a renowned family of musicians as her grandfather was the fabulous musician Shri. Gopala Pillai. Athira has a record in the Guinness Book of World Records for her unique 32 hour long Non-Stop Carnatic Violin Solo Concert.

Athira is one of the youngest Cultural ambassadors of India, giving the rich and ironic Indian culture of music to the World. She started performing as a Carnatic violin soloist from the age of 9. She was honored with ’The Musical Gem of India’ title by the former First Lady of India Smt. Usha Narayanan. She is known for her highly innovative skills in playing the violin in a spiritual and virtuoso manner. This gifted artiste is sure to make inroads into the world of music and we are there to keep watching her.

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