} Vasuda Sharma is hitting all the right notes

Vasuda Sharma is probably the most talented and vivacious songwriter musician in the Indian contemporary music scene at the moment. Vasuda shot to fame when she was selected to be part of the band Aasma, India’s first official pop stars by Channel V. She is able to blend Indian and Western influences to create a unique and soulful sounding rhythm. She is also the only artists in India who has perfected the Loop Station Technique which is an innovative style of performance that involves composing and recording live soundtracks comprising of instruments and vocals. 

Prior to this Vasuda had been doing a lot of corporate and college gigs over the years. It’s never easy to leave a band and try doing something solo and this was one of the challenges she faced while trying to go solo. Her biggest influence was her dad’s sister who taught her UP folk music and Krishna bhajans since she was four. To her, singing gives her immense joy and she gets to share that joy with other people, that is her main driving factor and if it weren’t singing, she probably would have been an IAS officer. 

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