} Virat Kohli, The reigning king of Brand Endorsements in India

The Brand Endorsement market in India is dominated by two major institutions, Bollywood and Cricket. Tv stars, Hockey players, Tennis players and others also have their fair share in the market. It’s a world of its own, where outsiders are not really allowed. 

From Puma to Audi, Indian Cricket Team Captain, Virat Kohli has conquered all the genres of brand endorsements. Virat has signed several Brand Deals in the recent years which includes Puma, Manyavar, Tissot, Wrogn, Muve Acoustics, MRF, American Tourister, Too Yumm!, Remit2India, Uber and Audi. Virat only sign brands he consumes. He has presence, panache, fitness, attitude, aura, aggression, looks and sensitivity which makes him one of the most desirable Cricketer for Brand Endorsements. Add to it the fact that he is married to Anushka Sharma, the climate of Bollywood and glamour is all there. What more does a brand in need of an endorser want?

Known as the James Bond of Brand Endorsement in the market, Virat is the most chased Brand Endorser in the history. His brand value is higher than that of football icon Lionel Messi, golf superstar Rory McIlroy and Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry. According to the Forbes Magazine, He is at the 7th spot on the Forbes listing, considering his earnings (excluding salary and bonus from sport and all investment income).

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