} Wade Through The Sea Of Songs At Acapella Fellas With InstruMen

A cheerful and funny show where Danesh Khambata and Hormuz Ragina are hosting InstruMen - a group of 6 men, Dean, Aseem, Shaurya, Akshar, Nathan and Arish, who make music using nothing but their voices. Formed in early 2018, This one-of-a-kind a capella group comprises of people that have already proven their spirit in their respective fields of genres. Each of them has their own unique style and texture which they bring to their performances, which creates a beautiful blend of these 6 voices.  

InstruMen aren't just music lovers who give each performance, some beautiful harmonies and beatboxing, but also like to add a little bit of madness that makes the crowd go insane. The group draws inspiration from various Acapella groups around the world. The arrangements cover a wide range of styles and genres from Jazz to Hip-Hop to Classical to Reggae to RnB and even take on Indian Classical and Sufi. InstruMen will be performing in Mumbai on 22nd March 2020.

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